• Photo: Koen Broos

  • Photo: Richard Haughton

  • Photo: Karen Wright

  • Photo: Koen Broos

  • Photo: Koen Broos

  • Photo: Edward Brownrigg

  • Biography

    Inne Goris trained as a theatre director and drama teacher at the Maastricht School of Drama. Her work crosses the boundaries of art, theatre and dance and much originates from her fascination with fairy tales and their implicit, dark undertones. Inne’s theatre debut was Niet in staat tot slechte dingen (Bronks, 1996-1997), an intriguing portrait of the hard and ruthless world of children at play. Her next three pieces Zeven (2001), Drie Zusters (2003), a collaboration with Bart Moeyaert, and Pride and Prejudice (Het Toneelhuis, 2003-2004) were nominated for the 1000 Watt Prijs. Other work includes Hersenkronkels (Villanella, 2004), Droesem (Once Upon A Time 2004) De Dood en Het Meisje (2005), La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes (2006) and Naar Medeia (2008). Since 2009, Inne has been creating under the wings of LOD. Nachtevening (Equinox) (LOD & ZEVEN), the second part of her diptych based on the classic Medea, premièred in November 2009. For Wall (May 2010), Inne once again drew inspiration from a text by Pieter De Buysser with composition by Dominique Pauwels. Together with Dominique, Inne created the installation Daydream (2011) for Manchester International Festival and Father, Mother, I and We (2011). They were joined by video designer Kurt d’Haeseleer for Long Grass which premièred at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in May 2012. Zig Zag Zig Zag was created for and premiered at the Manchester International Festival in 2013.

    In 2015, Inne made Snow  (LOD music theatre and Silbersee), an associative piece starting from her own fascination with the substance of snow, and from the age-old fairy tale of Snegurochka, a snow maiden from Russian folklore who can control nature, but who cannot stand heat.


  • Repertoire

    Niet in staat tot slechte dingen 1996-1997
    Zeven 2001
    Drie Zusters 2003
    Pride and Prejudice 2003-2004
    Hersenkronkels 2004
    Droesem (Once Upon A Time) 2004
    De Dood en Het Meisje 2005
    La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes 2006
    Naar Medeia 2008
    Nachtevening (Equinox) 2009
    For Wall  2010
    Daydream 2011
    Father, Mother, I and We 2011
    Long Grass 2012
    Zig Zag Zig Zag 2013
    Snow 2015
    Without Blood 2016

Inne Goris

Inne Goris is an intensely visual director who likes to tackle topics head on and communicate important issues in new ways. Inspired by familiar texts, Greek classics or fairy tales she extracts essential elements to follow her own raw approach, drilling into a subject to reveal its inner essence. We like the fact that she is unafraid of exploring difficult issues and draws on aspects of human behaviour, especially the interaction between perpetrator and victim.

Her work can be both magical and dark at the same time.

Her commitment to creating serious, but beautiful, work for children and families is what first compelled us to work with her. She is a pioneer in her methods of creating work by actively involving young performers in the creation process. She takes young audiences seriously making no distinction between adults and children in her approach.

Crying Out Loud first introduced Inne to the UK in 2002 selecting her for PIPS, the participants of which were all chosen for their innovative work with young audiences. In 2007 Crying Out Loud co-commissioned Dregs (re-named Once Upon A Time) and the piece went on to tour in Europe. In 2011 Inne was commissioned by the Manchester International Festival (MIF) and Crying Out Loud to create the installation Daydream in a shipping container as part of Music Boxes at Salford Quays. Crying Out Loud then took the piece to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013.  In 2012, Zig Zag Zig Zag was commissioned by Crying Out Loud, Caravan and MIF for a season of Inne’s work at MIF entitled Once Upon A Story which also featured, Once Upon A Time, Daydream and Long Grass. In 2016, we co-presented with LIFT and The Place Inne Goris’ new piece Without Blood, a theatrical adaptation of Alessando Barrico’s short novel Senza Sangue.


  • ‘Inne Goris power is that she perfectly masters that dividing line between god and man, between destiny and the trivial….Someone who can manage to do this like Inne Goris can, with the level of intensity that you experience her, is one of the greats.’

    De Morgen

  • ‘Director Inne Goris knows at a glance how to get an extreme amount of drama and material from even the smallest gesture.’


  • 'Daydream's ability to be entirely immersive relies on a degree of complicity from its audience members, but what a minor demand to make in return for such a tranquil and precious experience.'

    A Younger Theatre