Facts & Figures

The year 2016/17 in numbers:

Crying Out Loud presented 102 performances of 12 different shows at 17 different venues that were seen by 23,920 people. The scale of venues and shows ranged widely. 62 performances were presented outside the UK.

We delivered 12 workshops and talks at 11 different venues and over 415 individuals participated in them.

Our support for artists included:

– Presenting Spotlight, a showcase of UK work in two festivals: 41 artists from 11 UK companies (4 shows and 7 pitches) went to Circa festival, France. 13 artists from 3 UK companies went to Subcase festival, Sweden

– Mentoring the Spotlight artists to sell their work internationally

– Progressing the exploration of crossover of contemporary circus and Hip Hop theatre with Far From The Norm

– Curating the speakers for a themed session at a three-day circus seminar, Fresh Circus, in Brussels

– Speaking at network meetings and seminars in Derby, Portugal, Chile and Ethiopia