• Gandini Juggling

Facts & Figures

Starting from 1 April 2019, COL agreed on a new vision for the next seven years: “Through partnerships and collaborations, reinvigorate mid-scale UK visual theatre and circus to be world-class, relevant and diverse.”

We have re-modelled our approach so that our commitments to activity and artists are mostly for a longer period of time; and may well involve several stages and partners to maximise on its potential. Our new strategic aims are:

  1. Seed, develop and present visual theatre and circus for indoors and for the mid-scale
  2. Seed, develop and present mid/large-scale participatory visual theatre and circus for outdoors
  3. Investigate and champion new ways of touring mid-scale visual theatre and circus and new ways of supporting its infrastructure



The year 2020/21 in numbers:

Crying Out Loud presented two performances of two different shows at two venues, to 2,252 people.

We delivered four residencies, one at a venue and three online and 14 individuals participated in them.


The year 2019/20 in numbers:

Crying Out Loud presented 16 performances of 3 different shows at 6 venues, to 2,359 people.

We delivered 2 workshops and 6 residencies at 8 different venues and 158 individuals participated in them.